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  • Before setting up the booking tool, you need to create an account on Google Tag Manager And link it to your website Click on the button below to learn how

  • Go to

  • Click on Start free

  • You can sign up using your Google/Facebook account or typing your email, Name, phone and password

  • Choose Continue free

  • Type your business name, industry and phone, then Next

  • Set your business hours, then Next

  • Add your staff names and emails, then Next

  • Add the services you offer to your clients, then Finish

  • From the home page, go to Apps & Integration then click on Booking widget

  • Choose your preferences in steps 1 and 2

  • In step 3, choose I'll embed the code myself and copy the code below

  • Visit and click on New Tag

  • Click on Tag Configuration

  • Click on Custom HTML

  • Paste your code

Screen+Shot+2020-10-20+at+5.29.08+PM.png (3350ร—1890)
  • Click on Triggering

  • Select All Pages and click Add

  • Rename the Tag Name and click Save

  • Click on Submit, Publish then Continue

  • Log in to your Wuilt account and publish your website

  • Preview your website, and you will see the widget added successfully

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