How integrate Mailchimp with your Wuilt store

First, you'll need to create an account on Mailchimp

Next, log in to your Wuilt store

Go to "app center" from your dashboard

Find Mailchimp from the list of applications and click "Connect" to open the popup

Click connect one more time

You'll find a login popup from Mailchimp, enter your data to sign in

Then the popup will request access to the following data

Click Allow

The popup will now close and you can see the below popup 👇

This is the app configuration tap, check "customer signed up" and "order created" to allow Mailchimp to track customers who signed up and order creations so you can seamlessly send and automate event-based email marketing campaigns to your customers

Now you are successfully integrated with Mailchimp ✨

If you want to revoke the integration with Mailchimp, follow these steps 👇

  • Sign in to your Wuilt store

  • Go to the app center from the right-side panel and find Mailchimp from the list of apps

  • Click "manage" to open the same popup as before

  • Open the configuration tap from the popup

  • Click on disconnect integration

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