• Visit https://analytics.google.com/

  • and click on Start Measuring

    Step 1 : In Account Setup add your account name then click on Next

  • Step 2 : In Property Name type in your property name

  • Choose your country, time zone, and currency

Step 3 : In this step you can add your business size and select how you will use your Analytics account (tick all that applies) then click Create

Step 4 : Choose Web

Step 5 : Enter your website URL and name your stream then click on Create stream

Step 6 : Click to copy your Measurement ID

Step 7 : Log in to your Wuilt account and click on Settings

Step 8 : Click on Analytics and Remarketing

Step 9 : Click Activate

Step 10 : Add your Measurement ID then click Activate

  • Set up Google Tag Assistant extension to your Chrome browser

  • Open your website and click on the Google Tag Assistant extension to enable it then refresh the page

  • Click on the extension again and you should find that the analytics code is connected successfully

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