How to integrate your store with Bosta

First, you'll need to create an account on Bosta

Next, log in to your Wuilt store

Go to "app center" from your dashboard and find Bosta's app

Click "Connect" to open the popup

Click connect one more time

Now you'll see a box to enter the username you used to login to Bosta

Type it and click "Continue"

In the configuration tap, type in your email and password, the ones you used to login to Bosta

Check the "Bosta create order workflow" box to enable Bosta to track the order creation events on your store to establish shipping orders

💡 Now every order created on your store will automatically be sent to Bosta's dashboard.

Don't forget to go to Bosta's dashboard and confirm every order detail and set up your account and pick-up address so you have a solid pickup and shipping workflow and eventually ship faster!

If you want to revoke the integration with Bosta, follow these steps 👇

  • Sign in to your Wuilt store

  • Go to the app center from the right-side panel and find Mailchimp from the list of apps

  • Click "manage" to open the same popup as before

  • Open the configuration tap from the popup

  • Click on disconnect integration

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