How to edit your section backgrounds

You can change the background of your website's sections by either changing its color or adding a background image

On the right side of each section of your website, you can see "Edit background"

Hover over the section you want to modify and click on that button to change its background

You can choose whether to change the color by clicking on the white box below "background-color" and choosing the color you like for that section

💡 Try to choose a bright, closer-to-white color that is not darker than the text to pop up your section with little changes

Now click apply to preview your new section color and autosave your changes

💡 Remember, you can always revert back to the default background settings by clicking on "Reset section background"

This is what the section looks like after we changed its background color 👇

Now that's not all. You can also change the background image of the section by clicking on "Image"

Click on "choose image" to choose a picture from previously uploaded assets or upload a new one

The top bar will show up with 2 options; to upload an image, or choose from your assets

Make sure your uploaded image isn't larger than 2MB

Once you upload your image, you'll find it added to the assets

Choose your preferred image from the assets then click apply

Here's how the section looks after adding a dark background image

When you upload a dark image like the one shown, it covers the text

In this case, you can choose to add an overlay color to blur the picture and make the text pop out without going through every text box and changing its color

Check the "Color Overlay" box and pick a lighter color. It may take a while until you find the perfect overlay

Make sure to change the transparency of the color from the white bar underneath the color selection bar

Here's how the section looks after adding a background image and an overlay color

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