1. Contact Form

How to add a new field in the contact form ?

In the form section on your website, hover on any field

You'll notice a small control bar where you can duplicate the field, delete it, or move it up and down.

If you click on the settings icon, you can control the type of this field, whether you want it to be a text, email, phone, or a simple text area where your customer can type in his message or request freely.

You can also determine whether you want this field to be mandatory or not by checking the "required" box below

How to change the place of a field in the form

As explained above, by clicking on any field, you can click on the up or down icons to move the field

How to edit the placeholder text

The placeholder is the text that appears on the field before the customer types any data

You can use it to let the user know what he needs to enter

Type in your placeholder text and click on anywhere outside the field to automatically save your edits

How to add a new field in the form

Stand on any field and click on the + icon, this will duplicate the field

After duplicating the field, use the arrows to move it where you want in the form

Then click on the placeholder text and edit it or open the settings to change the field type

How to delete a field from the form

Click on any field on the form and click on the pin icon to delete the field

2. Address

How to add your address on your website map.

Step 1 : Open the Contact Us section design

Step 2 : Choose the map's design

Step 3 : Click on Edit Map

Step 4 : Type in your address and press the Enter button on your keyboard

Step 5 : Press on Save

3. Emails

How to change contact form recipient email and thank you message

Step 1 : Hover over the Send button at the bottom of the contact form and click on Edit Form Action

Step 2 : Change the recipients' email and the message to be displayed and click Save

4. Social

How to link a social media account

Step 1 : Hover over any social link and click on edit

Step 2 : Select your desired social media platform and click on it

Step 3 : Insert your social media link and Save

Step 4 : You can remove any social network by clicking on Remove

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