1. Image

How to upload or change images

Step 1 : Hover over any image and click on the camera icon

Step 2 : Click on Change Image

Step 3 : Select an image from Assets or click on the Upload button

Step 4 : Click on the uploaded image to be applied in the website

How to Crop Images

Step 1 : Hover over any image and click on the camera icon

Step 2 : Select Adjust and Crop

Step 3 : Drag the photo with your mouse or using the bar below

Step 4 : Adjust it to your ideal fit, then press Crop

2. Video

How to Add a Video

Step 1 : Click on the (+) plus sign below any section

Step 2 : Select the Videos section and choose your section design

Step 3 : Press on Edit Video

Step 4 : Paste a link from YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo

Step 5 : Confirm the video

3. PDF

How to upload PDF file

Step 1 : Visit https://drive.google.com/

Step 2 : Click on New

Step 3 : Click on File Upload and upload the PDF file

Step 4 : Right-click on the file and click on Get Link

Step 5 : Change the access level from Restricted to Anyone with the link

Step 6 : Click on Copy link

Step 6 : Open your website in Edit mode and hover on any button, then click on the link icon

Step 7 : Select External link and click on Open in new window then click Save

Step 8 : After finishing the updates, click on Publish

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