First, you'll need to create an account on "Klaviyo"

Next, log in to your "Wuilt store"

Go to "app center" from your dashboard

Find Klaviyo from the list of applications and click Connect

Open the configuration tap from the popup

To complete the integration, you'll need to enter your "profile settings in Klaviyo" and create a private API key

On Klaviyo, determine the number of contacts you'll be sending your messages

Enter your project's operating address

Add the email address from which your customers will receive more

Set your goal for using Klaviyo, whether it's increasing customers, building relationships, or earning more revenue

Set how you want to reach your audience; SMS, Emails, or SMS and Emails

Now you can see your Klaviyo dashboard

Click on your account icon on the bottom left side of the screen

Then click Settings

Click on API keys from the taps

Then choose Create private API key and copy the generated key

Go back to your Wuilt dashboard and paste the key in the box shown below 👇

Then click Continue

Now you'll need to set the configuration of this app, by giving the app access to track your customer's sign-up and order creation data so you can send them efficient email and SMS marketing campaigns

Open the app popup again and go to the configuration tap

Check "sync order creations" and "sync customer sign-ups"

Now you are successfully integrated with Klaviyo ✨

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