You need first to create an account in Google merchant center

Step 1 : Go to your store dashboard, Integrations, and click on Google merchant center

Step 2 : Click on Add to store

Step 3 : Press on Connect existing account

Step 4 : Create a username and password that will be used later during the integration, and enter a Title for the integration,

then connect my account

Step 5 : You'll get the URL, just copy it

Step 6 :You need to create an account on Google Tag Manager, and link it to your Google Merchant Center

Click on the button below to learn how

Step 7 : Open your Google Tag Manager account and click on New Tag

Step 8 : Click on Tag Configuration

Step 9 : Click on Custom HTML

Step 10 : Paste your code here

Step 11 : Click on Triggering and select All Pages

Step 12 : Rename your tag then click Save

Step 13 : Click on Submit, Publish and Continue

Step 14 : Now your website is verified successfully

Step 15 : Go to your account in Google merchant center, click on Add products

Step 16 : Choose Add multiple products at once

Step 17 : Fill in your basic info, and Continue

Step 18 : Choose a name for your catalog, choose Scheduled fetch, and Continue

Step 19 : Name the file, choose how often you want your date to be updated, identify the time

Paste the URL you copied from your store

Type the email and password you created on your Wuilt store while integrating with Google merchant center, then click Create feed

Step 20 : Click on Fetch now

Step 21 : Uploading the products will take minutes

Now your products are uploaded successfully

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