You can add product specifications like model, brand, weight, inches, and more through your store's dashboard.

Follow the instructions below 👇

Step 1: Visit your dashboard then click "Attributes"

Step 2: Click add an attribute from the button shown

  • Enter the attribute or specification name, ex; brand. Keep in mind that this specification will appear to customers along with the other brands you'll add

  • Click on "Add attribute"

Step 3: Now enter the attribute value, ex; Samsung, Apple. and click "Add"

Step 5: After adding the full list of your product attributes, their names, and values, you can head to your products list

  • Pick the product you want to assign these attributes to so that it shows to the customer

Step 6: Scroll below in the product settings, you'll find the product attributes settings where you can assign the previously added attributes to this specific product.

Step 7: Click on add attribute and assign the different attributes to this product

Step 8: Start entering the different features of the product knowing that you can add an entirely new one specific to that product.

  • Click the red x if you want to delete the feature from this product and save the changes

The end look should be like this

If you wish to go back and edit attributes details, you can go back to the attributes page and click manage

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