Creating an API Key on Wuilt

What is an API key?

It’s the unique key you can generate from here to give certain (read/edit) permissions to applications to manually establish an integration with them. The key gives them access to read or edit the data as you set in the API settings.

How does it help?

Think about shipping, payment, warehousing, and/or marketing platforms you want to give them data access to fulfill your business needs.

đź’ˇ For example, you can give order details reading access to any shipping platform. Whenever you have an order, the shipping platform starts processing the order shipment automatically.

How to generate a unique API key on your Wuilt store

After signing in your store here. Click on “dashboard”

Now click on “Access permissions” from the left-side panel. And head to “API key generator”

Enter the name of the app to which you’ll give the unique API key to be able to recognize it later from the list of keys you generated.

Then choose the permissions you want to give it to that app, choose wisely between full access and read only.

Now click on generate API key from the top bar on the right.

You’ll not be able to view that key again for privacy purposes, so make sure to copy and paste the key in a safe space, don’t share it with anyone besides the app you generated it for.

Now feel free to generate as many API keys as you prefer to integrate with external apps.

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