What’s on the analytics page?

The analytics page consists of data and insights about your top sales and best-selling products and more. It enables you to compare current periods with previous ones to get an insight into how well your sales are going.

The page consists of:

  • Total orders

  • Total sales

  • Avg. order value

  • Top-selling products

All are shown in the current period and you can compare to previous ones or set a custom timeframe to see the data within that range.

How to use the analytics page to get insights

  • Click on the date on the top right of the charts.

  • You’ll see the below pop-up box, select the date range, and start and end date to show the data of the selected timeframe.

  • Decide whether or not you want to compare this to the previous period by checking “Compare values to previous dates

  • Now click “Apply” and take your time analyzing your numbers to pinpoint areas of improvement in your marketing and selling strategies.

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