After creating a business account on Facebook,

1- Log in to your Wuilt store, go to Integrations, choose Facebook commerce manager

2- Click on Add to store

3- Choose Connect existing account

4- Create a username and password that will be used later during the integration, and enter a Title for the integration:

5- You'll get the URL, just copy it

6- Go to your Facebook Business account and navigate to your Commerce Manager

7- Go to Catalog, Data sources then choose Data feed then click Next

8- Click on Yes then click Next

9- Choose Use a URL, then Paste the URL you copied from your Wuilt Store then click Next

10- Type the email and password you created on your Wuilt store while integrating with Facebook Commerce Manager then click Next

11- Choose how often you want your date to be updated, identify the time, and click Next

12- Edit the info you want, make sure to make the currency the same as the Wuilt store currency

13- Click on Save feed and upload

14- Uploading the products will take minutes. After finishing, a success message will appear.

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