• From the store dashboard, go to Integrations

  • Then click on Taager

  • Create Taager account

  • A new window will be opened to register

**Don't sign up through Google or FaceBook**

And if you registered previously through Google or Facebook, you can reset your password, then go to the next steps

  • Fill in your info, then تسجيل حساب جديد

  • You can fill the below info or ignore, then تسجيل حساب جديد

  • After registration, go to your store on Wuilt, then click on Add to store

  • Connect existing account

  • Fill the credentials with your account at Taager (Mobile number and Password), then Connect my account

  • Browse Taager products, choose the category

  • I'll choose, for example, أدوات منزلية, then Show

  • The products in this category will appear, choose the products you want to add to your stoer:

  • Then Import

  • You can choose products from another category, or you can go to products direct

Here: I'll choose Import more products

  • I'll choose another category عناية شخصية, then Show

  • Choose the products, then Import

  • Choose Go to products

  • You can now find the imported products under store Products Tab

  • You can identify the imported products with Taager badge logo

  • The imported products are in Draft status

Don’t forget to change the status to "Active" once you finish editing them and start selling and earning money

PS. You will type the shipping zone and rates according to Taager shipping prices https://taager.com/info

  • You can uninstall integration and the products will be removed automatically from your store

PS. When the order is completed, you will create the same order manually with the client's info from Taager.com after registration with your account

PS. You will track your profits by Login on Taager account, then المحفظة

  • Then, طلب سحب الأرباح

  • Fill in the amount you want to get, the payment method, and mobile number, then إرسال

  • You can get your profits through these channels

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