You can see your orders' details from the following steps:

  • From the store dashboard, go to orders (You will find notifications when you have a new order)

  • All orders paid in cash will display like Unfulfilled and Pending for payment

    All orders paid online (Not cash), will display as Unfulfilled and paid

  • You can search by number / Customer, you can sort by payment status/ fulfillment status

  • You can click on the order and see its details

  • You can mark the order as fulfilled when the order is delivered and the client received the order properly

  • And identify the quantity, then Fulfill Items

  • You can also partially fulfill the order (When the client ordered more than 1 item, and he didn't receive all the order items)

  • You can also mark it as paid when the client paid and identify the amount paid as well

  • You can see the updates of the order below, and you can leave a comment

  • You can print a packing slip for your order to paste it on the order while packing, by clicking on More options, then Packing Slip

  • You can download and print it now

  • You can mark orders and archive them (Removing them from the orders list) or remove them permanently

    by marking the order, click on more options, then Choose Archive or Cancel

  • Or the same options from the order itself

  • You can restore them back, by going to Archived, then marking the orders you want then, More options, then Restore

  • As a tore admin, you can create an order by clicking on, More options, then Create

  • For an existing customer, then choose the customer from your existing customer list, and his info will be filled in automatically

  • Or, for a guest, and in this case, you will fill the guest info manually

  • Then, choose the product, the zone/rate of the shipping, Payment method, and Create order

    You can extract orders as well in an excel sheet by following the steps in the following link ⬇️

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