1- You can sign up from here

2- Go to your store dashboard then click on Payment

3- Toggle on the Online Payment

4- Click on Settings

5- Click on payment providers

6- Choose Fawry (If it doesn't appear at first, click on View all)

7- You'll find the supported countries and cards

8- These are the requirements

9- You must send a Request to fawrypay.support@fawry.com From your registered Email as below:

(If you already have Merchant Code, no need to send it)

10- Copy the following callback URL https://moneyhash.io/providers/fawry/webhook/

And paste it here in settings

11- You can get the security key from here

12- you can go back to your store and fill the date, Activate the button, then Next

13- Activate Pay at Fawry, Sandbox, then Finish

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