Before setting up a live chat, you need to create an account on Google Tag Manager And link it to your Store, Click on the button below to learn how

  • Register using your email address

  • Type your company name or the person who will reply to clients, choose the color and the language, then Continue

  • Fill in the info below and choose I want a live chat then continue

  • Choose one of these automated messages you want to appear, then continue

  • Click on Show me the code

  • Choose JavaScript

  • Click on Copy

  • Visit and click on New Tag

  • Click on Tag Configuration

  • Click on Custom HTML

  • Paste your code

Screen+Shot+2020-10-20+at+5.29.08+PM.png (3350×1890)
  • Click on Triggering

  • Select All Pages and click Add

  • Rename the Tag Name and click Save

  • Click on Submit, Publish then Continue

  • You can control anytime the widget from Settings

  • Login to your Wuilt store and preview your store

  • You can control the widget to appear on the sidebar (If you're activating other widgets at the bottom) by going to settings, sidebar, then enable, control the position and the color and Save

  • You can receive the messages from your clients from here and start chatting

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