• Visit tagmanager.google.com

  • Click on Create Account

Screen+Shot+2020-09-19+at+5.01.58+PM.png (3336×1802)
  • Fill your info

Screen+Shot+2020-09-19+at+5.20.21+PM.png (3336×1802)
  • Click on Create

Screen+Shot+2020-09-19+at+5.24.30+PM.png (3336×1802)
  • Accept Terms of service agreement then Yes

Screen+Shot+2020-09-19+at+5.25.44+PM.png (3336×1802)
  • Click on Ok

Screen+Shot+2020-09-19+at+5.28.43+PM.png (3336×1802)
  • Copy the code above

  • Go to your account in Wuilt and open your store

  • Click on Analytics and connect Google Tag Manager

  • Paste the code, activate the status, then connect

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