• From the store dashboard, click on “Shipping Settings

  • Then click on 'Add Zone' (A zone can include one country, multiple countries, one governorate, or multiple governorates)

  • Type the zone name, EX. Cairo & Giza

  • Search for the country, and choose the entire country or choose specific governorates, in this example, we will choose three governorates only, then click 'Add'

  • This zone is added now correctly, click on 'Edit shipping rates' (You can add multiple rates for the same zone if you provide different shipping options)

  • Click on Add Rate

  • Let’s name this rate 'Regular shipping 5-7 days'. Enter the Rate Price and click 'Add'

  • This rate for this zone is added successfully

  • Let's add another rate for the same zone, we’ll name this rate 'Express shipping 2-4 days' then, enter the Rate Price and click 'Add'

  • Let's add a third rate and name it “Same day shipping” and follow the same steps.

  • Now, we've added three shipping rate prices for this zone.

  • You can control the zone and the rates you added easily by adding more countries in the zone, adding or removing more states, edit or delete the rates

  • You can activate advanced settings for the zone

    Then choose to activate city level and Region level or city level only and define the cost for each city for the 3 rates we added

  • Let's activate city level in Giza state and choose the cities you can ship to EX

    (Dokki, AlHaram, Imbaba....) (PS. You can add custom cities as well)

  • Control the price in each city at each rate

  • Let's activate the second button (Region level)

  • And add specific region in each city we added Ex. Dokki contains Masadak, Mesaha square and so on, the Save (PS. You can add custom regions as well)

  • You can find the regions you add here and can control the price for each region and each rate

  • To add another Zone, go back, click on 'Add zone', search for the country, and choose multiple governorates. Then add the rate prices for this zone

  • Choose the governorates/states

Edit shipping Rates for this zone

Add rate

  • Add a third zone that includes 2 entire countries, and add one rate price.

  • Now all the zones we covered are added now with each rates of shipping

  • Let’s see how these zones and rates will appear for customers who are checking out.

*When a customer is filling in his information, they’ll see that shipping is available ONLY for the three countries we added in the zones.

  • And when choosing Egypt, the only governorates available are the governorates that were added in zones.

  • You'll find the cities you added (Dokki/Imbaba/ Al Haram)

  • If you chose Dokki, you'll find the regions we added ( Mohi al din/Mesaha square/msadak)

If the customer selects a shipping address in Giza, they'll have 3 shipping prices and options to select from, based on the rates we set for the Giza zone.

If the shipping address is in Saudi Arabia, they'll see one shipping price available, based on the rate we set for the Saudi Arabia zone.

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