• From the store dashboard, click on 'Appearance'.

  • First, add your store logo. Upload your logo then click 'Save'.

  • Choose your store color by selecting a color then click 'Save'.

Now, we’re going to customize the Hero section, also known as “Hero header” This is the image at the top of your store's homepage. It's the first thing visitors see when they visit your store.

  • Click on 'Add Image' to upload it. (The recommended image dimensions are 1200 pixels in width by 400 pixels in height)

  • Type your heading which is the overlay text on the hero image, it's also known as Hero Text.

(Use the hero text to communicate a message about your store, a message that seizes your visitor’s attention and convinces them to explore further)

  • You can choose the text color and alignment.

  • You can also add a sub-heading. This text will appear below the hero text in a smaller font.

You can add one or two buttons to the hero section. Use these buttons as Call to action like “Shop Now” or to direct visitors to a specific collection.

  • Activate the "Button one" option, type the button text, then choose the button action. (The button can direct visitors to a product, collection, or shop page. You can also use the button to direct to an external link)

  • Activate the second button if you want by typing in the button text and choosing the button action, then click 'Save'.

Now let’s go to the 'Homepage Collections' page.

From this page, you can add specific collections to the store's homepage.

Choose how many collections to be displayed per row. You can have from one collection and up to four collections per row.

  • Click on 'Add collection' and choose the collections. Then click on 'Save'.

  • Go to 'Homepage products' to choose the products that will appear on the homepage.

  • Choose one collection and the products inside that collection will appear on the homepage, then Define how many products will be showing on the first page.

  • Check how your store looks by clicking on 'Preview Store'.

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