• From the store dashboard, click on Add Product

  • Type the product name in the Title field and the description

  • Choose Simple product

  • Choose product status (Active/ Draft/ Unlisted). "Active” means the product will be visible in the store, whereas “Draft” means the product will not be showing in the store, and "Unlisted" means that this product will not be displayed on the store separately, but it will display in the custom build product only

  • Choose which collection this product belongs to (Collection here should be created firstly)

  • Upload product images. (You can upload multiple images for the same product)

  • Enter the price. (If the item is on sale then enter the sale price as well)

    And the product cost (It's for you only to calculate the profit and will not appear to the public)

  • If you are using an SKU you can add it

    SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a product code that you can use to search and identify stock on hand from lists, invoices, or order forms

  • Choose from the 2 options below if this product is always available, or it has a limited quantity, and write the available quantity of it

  • You can use Variants if there are multiple options for the same product like “Colors, Sizes, Material, etc…".

  • To add color variant, type “Color” In option one, then click create or press the tab button on your keyboard

  • Add the option values (Add the available colors), and click create

  • To add another variant, Click on Add option

  • Type “Size” In option two, then click create or press the tab button on your keyboard

  • Add the option values (Add the available Sizes) and click create

  • Now all the variants have the same price by default, the same quantity and the same cost price. You can decide if the price will differ from one size to another or from one color to another, and identify the quantity of each variant. For example, the large-size t-shirt may be more expensive than the small-size t-shirt and it has 10 items only in stock, then click on “Add product

  • Let’s add an image for each color for this t-Shirt by clicking on “Edit

  • And add a suitable image for each color of this T-shirt, then Save Changes

  • To see how this product will look in your store, click Preview

  • This is the Orange T-shirt

  • And this is the Pink one

Ps. You can take actions on products by marking the products, then take the needed actions

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