• Make sure you’re subscribed to a premium plan

Follow the steps below to connect and secure your website:

  • Add your email and create a password then click Create Account

  • Type your URL and click Add Site

  • Select Free Plan and click on Confirm Plan

Untitled.png (819×578)
  • Click on Add Record

  • Add Wuilt's CNAMEs then click Save

  1. Type: CNAME - Name: @ - Target: 246.wuiltsite.com

  2. Type: CNAME - Name: www - Target: 246.wuiltsite.com

  • Copy Nameservers

  • Login to your domain registrar and replace the nameservers with the nameservers given in Cloudflare:

  • Login to your Wuilt account and click on Settings

  • Click on Connect existing domain

  • Click Verify

  • Then click Verify Now

It takes up-to 48 hours for your domain name to be connected.

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